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If you're looking for Kicking Target Pad  or kick pads that can endure sessions with the most ruthless workout partners, this curved and padded Thai pad will give you the perfect protection. Made to shield against push kicks, swing kicks and knee strikes during training, this pad will keep you safe whilst sharpening your stance. A gel and foam lining dissipates shock waves from every hit, a curved design encourages the best form, and an adjustable strap gives you a snug fit plus wrist protection during training. Sold as a single item and made with the strongest leather around.

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Features of our taekwondo kicking pad,kicking target
1.it's made by high quality thick PU,it's more stronger than the common focus mitt
2.Colour:mainly red and black, simple and decent ,of course,other colour can be customized
3.very good stitching,make it more strong during the training,more durable
4,the stitching on the edge of our focus mitt is use the thick and strong string,it wouldn't crack easily
5.we are specialized in produce a series of kicking equipment,we only produce the good quality products
What makes as different from the rest of suppliers out there?
At Wolon  our team of dedicated and innovative staff members work day and night to accomplish our goals and do not rest until our clients are satisfied with our performance and services.
It's our willingness and dedication to go the extra mile to help our clients which makes us stand out from the crowd. If you are a new growing business, we will help you grow with faster with prompt deliveries with consistent quality because we believe that we grow when our client grow's. IF you are an already established name then we will be the adrenaline punch your company must try.
How our products cost effective?
We are a manufacturing company with our own production units thus dealing is directly between the manufacturer and buyer helping reducing the cost of the products as there is no 3rd party involved in the transaction.

our company as a boxing glove manufactures ,if you need that pls contact us.


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